M2X Energy

Who is M2X Energy

M2X Energy is a venture-funded company established by Breakthrough Energy Ventures in 2020. M2X was founded on the belief that climate change must be addressed urgently and that solutions must be quickly deployable and economically viable to have the greatest impact. Flare gas is one of the most significant contributors to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. M2X’s vision is to reduce GHG emissions by converting natural gas that is flared into environmentally sustainable, fungible, economically viable chemical products.

The Global flaring problem

Natural gas flaring is both a huge waste of precious energy and a big harm to the environment (through methane slippages). The total natural gas globally flared amounts to 140 bcm (IEA 2021) resulting in 1.4 GigaTons of CO2e emissions. This represents >2.5% of global CO2e emissions. There are 16,000 gas-releasing flaring sites across the globe: See the latest satellite flare map here.

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Our Technology

To be the leading global supplier of small- scale, modular, autonomous gas-to-product systems, M2X has developed a novel approach to green methanol production using what would otherwise be a waste stream – flare gas. Our products will mitigate significant volumes of GHG emissions by eliminating methane leakages from flares and displacing the production of conventionally produced chemicals.



Adjustable to a variety of flare gas volumes


Quick deployment in the field


Innovative integration of existing technology


Right sized, transportable and operated autonomously


Adaptable to different operating conditions


M2X is building a pilot unit, consuming approximately 75,000 standard cubic feet per day of flare gas and producing 5,000 barrels of methanol per year, ready for field demonstration in 2023.

Modular transportable gas-to-methanol plants

Methanol derived products

Methanol is a feedstock for making everyday products – converting a waste stream of natural gas that would be flared or vented into methanol helps displace the demand for natural gas or coal that would traditionally be required for methanol production.

Some uses of methanol are:

hydrogen Carrier


Low Carbon Fuel


engineered lumber


Low Carbon Plastic


Synthetic Fibers


About M2X Energy

Our Story

Breakthrough Energy Ventures, is developing and will deploy critical climate solutions our world needs to reach net zero emissions by 2050. Flaring is a significant source of global CO2 emissions and a waste of precious energy. Recognizing a gap in solutions to mitigate flaring, BEV founded M2X Energy to rapidly develop and deploy a solution. The founding team, comprising experienced industry experts, operationalized the company in early 2021 and closed a Series A funding round in September 2021. Our investors are:

How we work

Driven by purpose

Driven by purpose – We’re committed to deploying a viable solution to the flare gas problem, making a meaningful impact to GHG reductions.

Sense of Urgency

We are focused on a fast, safe and effective deployment of our technology – because reducing emissions can’t wait.


We are building solutions for our customers; additional complexity doesn’t necessarily mean more value.


Combating climate change means working together and  building a community of employees, customers and partners with different background, points of view and priorities


James Bonzani

Product Engineer

Josh Browne, PhD.

Chief Technology Officer

Hsiang-Sheng (Johnson) Chen, PhD.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Anthony Dean, PhD.

Chief Operating Officer

Louise Hannecart

Director of Business Development & Strategy

Kyle Merical

Principal Engineer

Greg Murphy

Greg Murphy

Director of Finance

Seema Peterson

Seema Peterson

Accounting Bookkeeper

Andrew Randolph, PhD.

VP Engineering

Nicholas Schwartz, PhD

Principal Engineer

Sean Thompson headshot

Sean Thompson

Process and Product Engineer

Paul Yelvington, PhD.

Chief Science Officer

Edwin Yik, PhD.

Principal Engineer