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M2X Energy & Element 1 Corp Partner to Demonstrate New Pathway To Hydrogen From Stranded Gas, Through Methanol Carrier 

A collaboration between two climate companies to use low-carbon methanol as a hydrogen carrier 

[ROCKLEDGE, FL and BEND, OR, FEBRUARY 20, 2024] (Businesswire)- M2X Energy, a startup company with a proprietary process technology that converts stranded gas into low-carbon methanol, and Element 1 Corp, a global leader in advanced hydrogen generation systems for the fuel cell industry, announced today that they are conducting a joint research and development program to explore the use of M2X low-carbon methanol as a feedstock for point-of-use hydrogen production.  

Element 1 is demonstrating the viability of low-carbon methanol produced by M2X’s gas-to-methanol unit as a feedstock for its hydrogen generation unit, and subsequent conversion to electricity. The process technologies developed by the two companies can unlock the potential for clean energy production in demanding locations, where power grids are overloaded, and operating conditions require adaptability and grid independence. After confirming that M2X’s low-carbon methanol is a suitable feedstock for Element 1’s methanol-to-hydrogen systems, methane-rich stranded gases that today are often flared or vented, may instead be harnessed for downstream stationary power applications, hydrogen refueling stations, and on-board generation for hydrogen-fueled road vehicles, trains, and maritime vessels.  

Early testing of methanol produced by M2X Energy shows promising results for unlocking hydrogen as a cost-competitive and low-carbon chemical sourced from stranded gases. “M2X is excited about this collaboration with Element 1. Serving as a supplier of low-carbon methanol for Element 1’s process equipment demonstrates our product market fit and the value of M2X low-carbon methanol as an attractive, low-cost hydrogen carrier, especially during the energy transition,” commented Paul Yelvington, Chief Science Officer at M2X.

With details emerging on the implementation of production credits for hydrogen and clean fuels in the U.S.’s Inflation Reduction Act (e.g., 45V and 45Z), M2X Energy and Element 1 are well-positioned to provide an integrated pathway to cost-competitive, low-carbon hydrogen with greatly simplified logistics for production, transportation, and storage.  

Dave Edlund, co-founder and CEO of Element 1 Corp, said, “Low-carbon methanol, such as that produced by the M2X process, offers the most economical and practical pathway to widespread adoption of grid-independent electricity production while maintaining a low-carbon footprint. We are pleased to be partnering with M2X Energy on this important demonstration.” 

This cross-industry collaboration aligns with the strategic priorities announced at COP28 for reducing methane emissions and expanding the role of hydrogen as an alternative energy carrier. It lays the groundwork for future commercial partnerships for the supply of M2X Energy’s low-carbon methanol in deployed hydrogen generation equipment using the Element 1 technology.  

About M2X Energy Inc.  

M2X Energy Inc. is focused on stranded gas conversion into low-carbon chemicals. Founded in 2020 by Breakthrough Energy Ventures, its mission is to address flaring and venting by creating valuable products from otherwise wasted gas, reducing methane emissions, and producing low-carbon chemicals such as methanol. Its low-carbon methanol can be blended in fuels to reduce carbon intensity, used as a chemical or serve as a hydrogen carrier. M2X Energy field demonstrated its technology in 2023 and is now partnering with gas suppliers and methanol offtakers to bring its product to the market. For more information, please visit www.m2x.energy.

About Element 1 Corp 

Element 1 Corp (Bend, Oregon) is a leading developer of advanced hydrogen generation systems supporting the fuel cell industry. Element 1 has developed innovative products that are scalable, reliable, affordable, and provide flexibility allowing for easy integration into customer solutions. With expertise in small-scale reactor design and membrane-based hydrogen purifiers, Element 1 offers solutions for on-site hydrogen generation (fuel cells, hydrogen refueling, and industrial manufacturing), and mobile (onboard) hydrogen generation (fuel cell electric vehicles). Novel technology is licensed by Element 1 to its partners, enabling application of technologies across a wide range of products, markets, and applications. For further information go to www.e1na.com.  


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